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[Hit content]Drama: "marry a woman" will be seamless connected between TV and online on time. There is thousands of massive drama waiting for you to enjoy.Movie: great movies which were showed in International Film Festival, adding cultural ambience in your daily life. There are thousands of movies for you to choose, just like your exclusive cinema.Variety: "I am a singer 4" weekly broadcast, multiple popular varieties, entertainment and gossip .Animation: "a superman" synchronization with Japan. Entering the Oriental world by one-clik, many Anime fan groups update on time, see at any time.Exclusive show:” will marry a woman” ” I am a singer 4 ” “let’s talk 3”Drama: “Good evening teacher” “Shushan chronicles a young swordsman legend” “A touch of green”Movie: “Assassination” “creep gate” “Hunting War” “Boys dont cry”Variety: “hot variety” “100% entertainment” “Complete entertainment” “metrosexual man Chef”Animation: “a superman” “punch Hunter” “assassination classroom season 2” “chihayafuru season 2”[product description]iQIYI traditional Chinese version gives you a completely new experience, we would like to invite everyone download and enjoy it. This version will take you to play video and let your horizon decide the world! Massive video, HD image quality, Super intimate traditional Chinese subtitles, choosing what you want to watch at any time, even while walking. IQIYI video, pleasure to enjoy quality, comes by aiming at your eyes![feedback]If the app appears flash back problems, we recommend you to restart it. You can also DM us at "iqiyi traditional Chinese version of the" official Facebook, so that we can have the opportunity to provide better user experience !